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Instructions for Peer Reviewers
Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of the regulations is to define items related with the review and publication of original manuscripts submitted to Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health according to the submission guidelines (established on March 1, 2003).
Article 2 (Application)
The regulations are applied to all orignal manuscripts submitted, which are to be mutually reviewed by three specialists in the applicable field. However, the regulations may not be applicable to article reviews, hot topics, letters to editors, editorial, special topics recommended by the board of editors.
Article 3 (Selection of reviewers)
After the chief editor would let the editors know about the main content of a submitted manuscript, the editors would recommend appropriate reviewers. The chief editor then select the final reviewers. The names of chosen reviewers are not to be released outside the board of editors. The chief editor could replace a reviewer when he/she does not report a review result within 3 weeks after requesting for the manuscript.
Article 4 (Referral of review)
Manuscript review is referred to reviewers under the name of chief editor.
Article 5 (Initial review)
The results of initial review are classified into the following 7 categories.
① Publication possible as is with no modification
② Publication possible after some correction by the author(s)
③ Publication possible upon the confirmation by chief editor after the correction of indicated modifications by the author(s)
④ The content of manuscript to be reviewed again by the reviewer(s) after the correction of indicated modifications by the author(s)
⑤ Publication to be considered after the correction of indicated modifications by the author(s)
⑥ Publication not possible
⑦ Others
Article 6 (Report of review results)
Once the reviewer reports a result of manuscript review, the result is reported to the author(s) who is/are to modify the manuscript or raise opposing opinions. When no consensus is reached by the reviewers, the opinion not burdening the author(s) would take priority.
Article 7 (Second review)
Those manuscripts falling into the item ④ or item ⑤under Article 5 are reviewed again with the opinion submitted by the author(s). Those manuscripts falling into the item ③ under Article 5 are reviewed again upon the recommendation by the chief editor. The results of second review are classified into the same 7 categories.
Article 8 (Publication not possible)
Publication is not possible in the following cases. ① When 2 out of 3 reviewers conclude "publication not possible". ② When the author does not return the revised manuscript within one month after being asked to modify and correct the manuscript without justifiable reason. ③ When the author submits the document of his/her dissent to the chief editor's decision of "publication not possible", the chief editor should let the board of editors re-review the possibility of publication of the manuscript.
Article 9 (Review format)
The board of editors approves the format required during the reviewing process.
Article 10 (Items of delegation)
The chief editor handles the items not specified in these regulations according to precedents and report to the board of editors.
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